Fashion & Architecture.

It is often mentioned that fashion is closely related to art, but I think that the interconnection between fashion and architecture is sometimes even stronger. To illustrate this, I picked five examples from the spring-collections of 2008 and five famous, exceptional buildings from the 20th and 21st century.

Balenciaga & Guggenheim-Museum Bilbao (by Frank O. Gehry)

Emilio Pucci & Finca Güell in Barcelona (by Antoni Gaudí)

Alexander McQueen & Sydney Opera House (by Jørn Utzon)

Anne Klein & Unité d’Habitation in Marseille (by Le Corbusier)

Akris & Holocaust Memorial Berlin (by Peter Eisenman)

Click on the photos to view bigger versions. All runway-shots are from Style.


  1. Ashe Mischief sagt:

    I love this! It’s so striking, to see the image of the architecture and the ’08 fashions next to one another. Their resemblance to one another is undeniable. I’m particularly struck by the Emilio Pucci piece and the Finca Guell.

  2. Nina sagt:

    Das ist ja ein wunderbarer Post. Ich hab mir ja in Barcelona Gaudís Werke angesehen und kürzlich auch darüber geschrieben, aber es nie so mit Mode verbunden!

  3. laura sagt:

    thanks to everyone! just as you, i was really surprised how many similiarities there were between architecture and fashion while doing some research for this post.

    nina: gaudí hat so tolle gebäude errichtet, ich möchte mir die auch unbedingt mal in echt ansehen! ich war auch ganz überrascht, wie ähnlich sich das outfit und die finca sahen.

  4. laura sagt:


    das ist ja niedlich, mona! die püppchen. ♥
    ich habe hier noch etwas kleines für dich liegen, muss ich dir endlich mal schicken…

  5. Ali sagt:

    I do fashion design at university, and one of our projects last year was to design a range inspired by a famous building! so you are right, they can be very closely linked!

  6. laura sagt:

    thanks to everyone!

    ali: yes, you’re right. i own a book about fashion design in which they want you to be inspired by architecture as well. it’s really interesting.

  7. karen sagt:

    I enjoyed the comparisons you made. There’s a book called „Crosscurrents“, by Tony and Claes Lewenhaupt which brings together Art . Fashion . Design in a similar fashion from 1890-1989.

  8. laura sagt:

    thank you, karen. maybe i’ll get my fingers on it some day… (:

    dankeschön! freue mich sehr über deinen kommentar. nein, das habe ich alles selbst rausgesucht. (:

  9. IDEOZU SAMUEL sagt:

    This is great,i will really like to know more about the relationship between fashion and architecture in line with global,sustainability and social relationship since i will be writing on fashion and architecture in my dissertation.
    Thanks for putting this in order.

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