Current favourites.

Dalarna horses: I even have a fabric with these horses on it, but I didn’t really know about their existance until I read this Ikea-book. Now I’m in love with them and I want a red horse to place in front of the potential turquoise wall in our future home.

Baskets: For some reason, I’m into all kinds of baskets lately. Maybe it’s because they remind me so much of summer and picnics in the sun. Anyway, I love them and I plan on wearing my basket-like bag quite often this year.

Frau Tulpe: Through one of my flickr friends, I found Frau Tulpe which is an online shop selling the cutest fabrics and sewing supplies. My boyfriend already ordered some ‘shroom-fabric for our future kitchen!

Vintage silhouettes: I think my Camper-flats made me fall in love with black-and-white silhouettes. Luckily, I found two beautiful “embroidery-pictures” with silhouettes some time ago.

Devandervar: As you know, I usually don’t fall for one special designer. However, I forgot all my principles when I found Devandervar on Styleserver, because their colorful graphic sweaters are just lovely and really inspiring.

7 thoughts on “Current favourites.

  1. Oh, Dalarna horses (or “dalahäst” in Swedish :)) are the cutiest thing ever! I’ve tried to find one everytime I’ve visited Sweden (oh well, two times during the last 5 years), but haven’t managed to find any so far… Heh, but I do have a quite similar one which was bought in Copenhagen. It has the colors of Denmark’s flag on it. :)

    Ah, now I see your basket-like bag! Have to agree that it’s fabulous – and makes me think about the summer we have ahead. Mm.

  2. Weißt du, ich hab die Schuhe jetzt endlich in Hannover gefunden! Zwar nur Größe 37 aber mit Einlegsohlen sind die gut. Ich freue mich so! Und bevor ich die überhaupt gefunden hatte, sind mir auch auf dem Flohmarkt sehr viele Sachen aufgefallen mit Silhouetten, wahrscheinlich auch wegen dieser Schuhe.

  3. the clothes horse: that’s also what i want. (:

    herttainen: oh, das freut mich für dich! (: bei mir sind schuhe eher immer zu klein als zu groß – diese hier sind 42 und eigentlich etwas knapp… (; ich werde dann mal ein foto machen von den bildern sobald sie in unserer neuen wohnung hängen.

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