Current favourites.

– Nature-inspired jewellery: Little trees, branches, acorns, owls and squirrels dangling from necklaces like this one by chainchainchained are just too cute to resist.

– Haiku:
I love haiku for being able to catch the moment even better than a camera or anything else could. In addition, reading them makes me happy and lost in thought. 

– Lush:
I like how you can smell Lush-shops before you actually see them. They just opened their first branch in Leipzig and I got my hands on some “Whoosh Shower Jelly” that smells so wonderful, I wish it was edible.

– Vintage fashion photos:
Old fashion photos are mostly so much more interesting and inspiring than new ones. They aren’t always easy to find, but luckily there’s flea markets, libraries and websites like this one.

– Old keys:
Beside looking absolutely pretty (for example when being worn on a necklace), I love how keys always bring some kind of mysterious feeling with them. Because of their beauty and vintage-feeling, I guess they’ll be the next big thing after the pocket watch.

8 thoughts on “Current favourites.

  1. the clothes horse: that sounds wonderful. do you have any pictures of you wearing it?

    nina: dankeschön, das freut mich. (:
    ach, die leute haben halt keine ahnung…

  2. I love old keys too. Last summer I discovered the old and beutiful key for the cellar at my family’s summerplace and I really wanted it for a necklace, but sadly it was still in use for the door.

    Now that you posted this I remembered that key again, so now I’m gonna try and find myself a similar one to wear!

  3. blondie: yes, that sounds wonderful. i’m trying to find one as well – maybe i’m going to ask my grandparents.

    soph n terr: yes, it’s simply wonderful.

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