Current favourites.

– Mexican dresses: I love the colors of the fabrics and embroidery of these dresses, it’s just something that really appeals to me. I’ve been searching for one for a very long time now, but still wasn’t successful. I will go on searching though, since I would love to have one by next spring. This one is from La Mariposa Imports.

– Folk scarves: The black version with flowers is my favourite and I would be happy to find one at a thrift store. I like that they can be worn in so many ways, one example is agathe‘s ethnic-inspired look you can see here.

This flickr-group:
 It’s about making christmas gifts yourself and i like it, because a) i love making gifts myself and b) one can’t start thinking about these things early enough.

Poketo: Poketo is an e-shop that features great indie-designers. I love the tees and can’t wait till they finally sell this one by Anke Weckmann, one of my favourite artists.

– Regina Spektor:
She – and of course her music – are just too wonderful too resist. After only having some songs on my computer, I’m looking forward to getting her album on my birthday next month.

– Everything handknit:
From beautiful cowls to hats, scarfs and legwarmers: handknit things are just the prettiest. I finally have to start knitting seriously – or buying more things from shops like Yarn Over Movement.

– Ikea-fabrics:
I love the the simple patterns and usage of some selected beautiful colors and that the fabrics are still so fun! By the way, we are going to Ikea today. I will show you what I found later.

4 thoughts on “Current favourites.

  1. Was die Stoffe von IKEA angeht kann ich dir nur zustimmen. Ich muss da auch mal wieder hin, die haben so tolle Sachen :).

    Und mit dem Stricken möchte ich auch anfangen. Wenn nur meine Mutter nicht vergessen hätte, wie man strickt *lol*.

  2. danke!
    ich bin da auch nicht so begabt, wobei ich annehme, dass es sich damit ähnlich wie mit dem nähen o.ä. verhält: übung macht den meister. (:

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