Current favourites.

– walking through fallen leaves:
The sound it makes, the way it feels under my feet – walking through fallen leaves is one of the things I like most about autumn.

– graphic sweaters: I spotted these sweaters by Pierrot (on the left) some seasons ago and fell in love right away. Last week, I came across the beautiful knitwear by Berlin-based label Maiami (on the right) and remembered them. Although the designs are completely different, I like the modern interpretations of graphic sweaters by both brands, because they are so refreshing after all those stripes and other boring patterns.

– Daisy: My friend Jana’s sweet little guinea-pig lived with me last week while she was on vacation. Although Daisy liked to make noise late at night, we became good friends. 

– gnome hats: I already mentioned that I love everything that has to do with fairy-tale figures from the woods lately. These gnome-hats for humans (by giant dwarf) and blythe-dolls (by betsyjean79) are just too cute to resist and would be essential for a photo-shoot in the woods.

FAK!: Beside Hel-Looks, FAK! is my favourite street fashion website. Although I wonder how Phil always manages to shoot the people in front of the perfect background, I love the website and it’s one of my biggest inspirations.

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