When we came back from our second vacation last Friday, we knew that autumn had arrived. People seemed to have lost their hope that summer would come back, were wearing warm jackets and some even hats and gloves. It was also raining and getting dark early. The days are colder now and you should always be wearing rain-resistant shoes and carrying a jacket or at least an umbrella with you. Autumn is my favourite season and I’m happy it’s finally here, but I think I still need some things to be completely ready for it, above all some rain-resistant booties, but also warmer dresses, skirts and things like leg-warmers, tights and socks to stay warm. I want to go shopping and thrifting!

Here are some pictures I took of heralds of autumn in the park and our garden. I like them, because they show that my favourite season is coming AND also my favourite colors for autumn: mustard yellow, all shades of red (raspberry red, wine red…), purple, light olive green, petrol/fir green and of course lots of neutrals like brown or grey.

What are your favourite colors for autumn?