I have always thought that recycling and reusing old materials was the most inspiring way of making something and, once again, it turned out to be right. I guess the reason for this is that the things have their own mind somehow, they have a history and sometimes they even “tell” you what they want to be in their second life. It feels right to give them this new chance to be loved by you or someone else. Of course this process is more difficult than just going to the shops and buying new material to make whatever you think of. But isn’t it better to use what’s already there? I think so. And if you open your eyes you can find things that have potential, too. Let them speak to you and make them into something completely new and amazing, it’s not as difficult as you may think!

A good example that making an effort can absolutely be worth it is the “Button-Down Bag” I made today. Two days ago, I found this lovely-patterned blouse at a thrift store. Actually, I wanted to shorten it a bit and wear it, but after the washing I noticed there was a big frayed part at the button border that couldn’t be repaired. Nevertheless, I knew I didn’t want to throw it away and when trying to think of a way to reuse it, making a simple bag came to my mind. While ripping it off, I noticed I wanted to keep and reuse the collar as well. And then – suddenly – there was this idea: why not make a Button-down Bag with a collar? I didn’t even know if it would work but a “Chanel Jacket Bag” I found in my “Handbags”-book helped me to believe in my idea. It was great to finally notice it was realizable – and to notice it even turned out great! I love if things work out like this and I know the “Button-Down Bag” will be a new favourite of mine!

Because some of you were interested, I made a tutorial, but only in German first – sorry! Ihr könnt es hier herunterladen. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mir Bilder von euren fertigen Taschen zeigen und auf mich verweisen könntet. Falls ihr irgendwelche Fragen habt, fragt einfach!