I love summer.
I love…

… having refreshing fruit drinks.

… receiving colorful flowers.

… going swimming in the evening.

Despite the fact that all these little “summer pleasures” are absolutely wonderful, everything I dream about right now is going on vacation. This is what I would wear if I had the chance to live at a place like “Seacrow Island” for the summer:

11 thoughts on “Summer.

  1. Schöner Blog.
    Die Bilder sind total schön…=)
    ich hab jetzt total lust auf so einen fruchtmix-drink….=)

    wollen wir links austauschnen??

    ICh verlink dich schon mal..=)

    liebe grüße

  2. that pictures of the lake is fantastic…I hope my summer in sweden have something of it!

    (oh gosh, I NEED vacation…only 10 days more!)


  3. Hello Laura!
    How are you?
    I really love those flowers, and that red and white dress! Also the apple pendant and that bathing costume with the skirt!!!
    On my blog I featured you, finally =) I uploaded the photos of the apple bag on my Flickr too!!! Sorry if it took so much time =(
    I wish you a great evening!


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