According to its website, Quedlinburg is a “charming mediaeval city” which I can only confirm. Yesterday, we went there because of “Advent in the courtyards” – lots of small markets taking place in the yards all over the city – and it was wonderful. Many of the vendors sold unique, handmade things and I simply enjoyed the whole atmosphere that was produced by the old buildings, light and decoration. If you don’t know it yet, you should definitely pay Quedlinburg a visit!

I spotted these darling Russian ladies on some street. They were singing along to folk music on their portable radio and looked so great in their costumes.

8 thoughts on “Quedlinburg.

  1. danke, ihr lieben! es war wirklich schön da. ich bin auch ein großer fan von quedlinburg.

    und nina: danke vielmals für deinen brief, bin gerade am lesen. (;

    yes, it’s incredibly pretty. there are little half-timbered houses everywhere!

  2. Looks very charming! I love the picture with the old kettle by the window. I think there arequite many places like that in Germany, right? I’ve been to some similar to Quedlinburg (I’d suppose) when on vacation with my family many years ago.

    This summer I travelled around Romania and fell in love with the small medieval town of Sighisoara totally, it was so beautiful and still in very oroginal shape, (it’s wort to image-google up).

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